About our campus

Church - Located at 54 W. Afton Avenue on the bank of Lake Afton. This is our primary worship space, dating back to 1890. The church doors are open at all times - you are always welcome for prayer.

Parish House - Built in 1918, this space serves as our “hub,” a communal space that hosts dinners, forums, coffee hour, community service projects, and parish celebrations. The bottom floor is also home to St. Andrew’s Nursery School.

Rectory - Located at 55 W. Afton Avenue, the rectory contains meeting rooms and rehearsal space for our choir, with the second floor reserved for Godly Play, our children’s Christian Formation classes.

St. Andrew’s House - Located at 47 W. Afton Avenue on the corner of Penn Valley Road, this building houses our main office, the rector’s office, and our conference room. The second floor contains rooms for Rite 13 and J2A, our young adult Christian Formation classes.