Welcome to St. Andrew's Parish Yardley PA

Choir Rehearsal

Choir rehearsals are every Wednesday.

Adult Choir rehearses in the evening from 7:30 - 9:00PM in the rectory

Jr. Choir rehearses from 5:00-5:45PM also in the rectory.

For further information about our choirs, please see Mark Dolan or Email Mark Dolan @ St Andrew's.



Adult Choir

The Adult Choir at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church is a volunteer group of dedicated singers who support the 10:15 liturgy each Sunday from September through May.

In addition this group also presents major choral works twice each year with instrumental ensembles.

The only criteria for membership is a strong love of music and the ability to make a critical commitment to rehearse weekly and sing each Sunday.

To explore the prospect of joining the Adult Choir, please contact Mark Dolan to arrange a singing interview.

Junior Choir

The junior choir at St. Andrew's is open to children in grades 3 through 8. This group sings monthly in church and rehearses weekly from September through May.

In addition, the junior choir participates in the Plainfield, NJ Area Children's Choir Festival. Ear training, vocal technique and liturgy preparations are the major areas of focus.

LOTWWC: Children ages 4 through 4th grade are invited to leave the church early in the 9:15 service for their own "Liturgy of the Word with Children" which is rich with age-appropriate singing. Sometimes this group of children also sings in church, later in the 10:15 service.